Adisseo's new European R&D center put into operation




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Adisseo's new European R&D center ELISE (European Lab for Innovation, Science & Expertise) was recently completed and put into operation.

ELISE brings together multiple specialized research and innovation teams. It has a 2,000-square-meter laboratory and a 2,000-square-meter office area, providing ample space for up to 100 individuals to engage in R&D activities. The center focuses on various fields of research, including new chemical technology, process optimization and engineering technology, as well as nutritional analysis and research. By operating ELISE alongside RICA, Adisseo's China R&D and innovation center, the company's global R&D "dual-pillar" innovation synergy system is established.

ELISE is situated in the core area of Chemical Valley in Saint-Fons, France, boasting advantages in comprehensive and collaborative innovation. It benefits from its proximity to technical innovation partners in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region and Bluestar Elkem's ATRiON R&D center.

The center is committed to establishing a more sensitive, adaptable, and globally oriented innovation system that enables companies to effectively adapt to industry and market changes. It aims to proactively address future challenges in the agriculture and food sectors.

Furthermore, the center will continue to foster innovation within the R&D process. This will be achieved by promoting close collaboration among team members, encouraging technological breakthroughs, and attracting and retaining exceptional sci-tech talents. Additionally, efforts will be made to expand the network for sci-tech innovation and actively allocate resources to promote the synergistic effects in both technology and operations.