Sinochem Holdings Signs Record-breaking Deals At 6th CIIE




Sinochem Holdings
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The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) kicked off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on Nov. 5. Li Fanrong, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the Leading Party Group of Sinochem Holdings, attended the opening ceremony of the event.

Sinochem Holdings sent its four overseas subsidiaries -- Syngenta Group, Adisseo, Elkem and KraussMaffei, to participate in the expo, and hosted a special signing ceremony during the event

The four companies' procurement amounted to over $13.5 billion, while their total sales exceeded $1.9 billion, surpassing the previous editions of the event.

Li stated that Sinochem Holdings will strive for higher-level opening-up, continuously introduce high-quality products and technologies, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and contribute to the construction of an open world economy with practical measures and actions. It will also increase the influence of the CIIE, foster closer ties with international markets, and work hand in hand with its partners to establish a community of industrial chains.

On Nov. 5, Sinochem Holdings held a signing ceremony at the 6th CIIE. Jiao Jian, Director and President of Sinochem Holdings attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Yang Shihao, Vice President of Sinochem Holdings presided over the signing ceremony and Chen Chengmin, Vice President of Sinochem Holdings, announced the signing results.

Sinochem Holdings values open cooperation and seeks to establish long-term mutually beneficial partnerships, said Jiao.

Currently, the upstream and downstream sectors of the international industrial chain are highly interdependent and inseparable. Only by promoting the construction of an industrial chain and supply chain system through higher-level and deeper-level opening-up, strengthening communication and connectivity, and efficiently allocating technology, capital, talent, and products globally, can we ensure the long-term development of enterprises and achieve common development, he expressed.

Sinochem Holdings has established production bases, research and development facilities, and sales networks in more than 150 countries and regions, cultivating strong cooperative relationships with tens of thousands of partners. By organizing the signing ceremony, Sinochem Holdings aimed to leverage the influential platform of the CIIE to facilitate communication, foster friendship, achieve mutual success, and explore additional potential for cooperation with partners.

During the 6th CIIE, Sinochem Holdings' subsidiaries signed cooperation agreements with over 30 clients from more than 10 countries and regions, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ethiopia, France, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Thailand, the United States, and Japan. These agreements covered various fields such as crude oil and refined oil, food and agricultural products, chemical products, chemical equipment, and service trade, with a total procurement value exceeding $13.5 billion.

At the signing ceremony, Sinochem Holdings' subsidiaries signed agreements with globally renowned companies such as Saudi Aramco, Vitol Group, Mitsui & Co., Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Dow Chemical Company, CHIMEI and Kao Corporation to import energy and chemical products such as crude oil, coal, refined oil, vinyl acetate, and methanol, as well as food and agricultural products including coffee beans, juice and fruit powder, and soybeans.

Sinochem Holdings effectively expanded its access to upstream resources in domestic industries by enhancing collaboration with global energy, chemical, and agricultural companies. This strategic partnership not only diversified import channels but also ensured the stability of the industrial and supply chains.

During the signing ceremony, the overseas subsidiaries of Sinochem Holdings inked multiple supply agreements, resulting in a remarkable sales value exceeding $1.9 billion. Notably, Adisseo and Wens Foodstuff Group signed a contract to supply top-notch animal nutrition products and solidify their partnership, thereby contributing significantly to the sustainable growth of China's breeding and food industry.

KraussMaffei entered into an agreement with Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. to provide ABS engineering plastics and high-end polyolefin pelletizing units, supporting innovative advancements in Chinese manufacturing. Furthermore, Elkem established strategic partnerships with various clients, facilitating the sales of high-end products in sectors such as construction, energy, textiles, personal care, and consumer electronics.

Sinochem Holdings has been a consistent participant in the CIIE since the inception of the event in 2018. Its many overseas subsidiaries have actively taken part in the event for six consecutive years. Through the CIIE, Sinochem Holdings has constantly deepened cooperation with global partners,  and worked together with upstream and downstream companies on the global industrial chain for co-construction, win-win cooperation and sharing, jointly marching toward a new era of high-quality development.