Elkem Collaborates with CAMS to Advance Auricular Reconstruction Surgery




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Recently, Elkem, with its extensive experience and innovative technology in the field of 3D printing with silicone materials, has partnered with the Auricular Reconstruction Center at the Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS). Together, they have introduced a silicone solution for 3D-printed cartilage teaching models.

Currently, the gold standard for treating congenital microtia is using the patient's own rib cartilage for ear reconstruction. However, auricular reconstruction surgery is highly complex, carries numerous risks, and requires surgeons to undergo repeated training and pre-operative simulations for success. Consequently, the development and application of soft rib cartilage teaching models are among the crucial measures to enhance the quality of auricular reconstruction diagnostics and treatment and promote technical advancements. The 3D-printed silicone solution provided by Elkem ensures excellent fidelity in the silicone soft rib cartilage models, possessing biomechanical properties similar to natural rib cartilage, effectively aiding doctors in enhancing pre-operative training and simulation outcomes.

As one of the world's leading silicone suppliers, Elkem Silicones continually focuses on the development of silicones in the medical field, offering cutting-edge, customized silicone solutions to support the intelligent development of medical technology.