Chonfar’s Large-scale Overseas Potash Fertilizer Design Project Successfully Puts into Operation and Reaches Production Capacity




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Lately, the large-scale overseas potassium fertilizer project, the Laos Kaiyuan Phase II 500,000 tons/year potassium chloride project, which was designed by Chonfar Engineering and Technology Co. Ltd., has been officially put into operation, achieving full-line connection and reaching the production standard and capacity. It represents another benchmark project for Chonfar in the Southeast Asian potassium fertilizer industry and lays a solid foundation for further enhancing its market position and discourse power in overseas potassium resource development.

The Laos Kaiyuan potassium fertilizer project is located in Khammouane Province, Laos, and it is a milestone project for Chonfar’s expansion into potassium fertilizer development overseas. It has profound significance in alleviating the domestic shortage of potassium fertilizer supply. In 2014, the Kaiyuan Phase I 500,000 tons/year potassium chloride project, which was designed by Chonfar, was completed and put into operation, becoming the largest potassium fertilizer project built by a Chinese enterprise overseas by then and a model of cooperation between China and Laos. After the successful completion of the Phase I project, Laos Kaiyuan Company highly recognized Chonfar’s professionalism, technical capabilities and team spirit, entrusting Chonfar with the design for the Phase II 500,000 tons/year potassium chloride project with a total investment of 2.4 billion yuan.

In order to ensure the overall progress of the Phase II project, the engineers worked overtime to complete the design tasks with high quality and quantity during the design stage. During the construction and service stage, they overcame numerous difficulties and stayed at the project site, providing strong technical support for the project to be put into operation smoothly as scheduled.