Sinochem Holdings’ Subsidiaries Participate in CHINAPLAS 2023




Sinochem Holdings
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Lately, the largest Asian rubber industry exhibition “CHINAPLAS 2023 International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries” was held in Shenzhen. This exhibition brought together cutting-edge solutions for plastic and rubber machinery, materials, and processes, attracting more than 3,900 exhibitors around the world. Among them, Sinochem Holdings’ subsidiaries including Sinochem Petrochemical Distribution, Nantong Xingchen, Sinochem International, Elkem, Tianhua Institute, and China National Chemical Information Center participated in the exhibition to exchange with the other industrial players, which helps drive quality development of the industry.

Sinochem Petrochemical Distribution showcased six polyolefin products that have been well-received by the market, including PV and foaming EVA, transparent polypropylene for thin-wall injection-molding, polyethylene fiber material, and two new metallocene tubing and film products from Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical.

Nantong Xingchen exhibited PPE product solutions from polymerization to application, including solution-polymerized polyphenylene ether resin, precipitated polyphenylene ether resin, low-odor polyphenylene ether resin, special polyphenylene ether resin, and the application of polyphenylene ether products in the new energy industry.

Sinochem International focused on the core industry chain of engineering plastics and polymer additives, and brought innovative, high-quality, and green products and comprehensive solutions to customers in the automotive, electronics, medical and other fields at this exhibition.

Elkem showcased three innovative liquid silicone rubber products that can effectively help customers achieve more efficient, energy-saving, and environment-friendly production processes, and deliver trendy design while reducing costs.

Tianhua Institute exhibited a number of technologies and products, bringing new products and comprehensive solutions to the industry and customers, and showcasing the strong scientific research strength of domestic extruder in the plastics industry.

In addition to participating in the exhibition, China National Chemical Information Center also held a themed seminar during the exhibition “New Opportunities for Green and High-end Development of the Chemical Industry”, conducted in-depth exchanges with more than 80 companies on global economic trends, new chemical materials, plastic recycling etc.