China Daily Reports the Development of Bluestar Adisseo During Macron’s Visit to China




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During President Macron’s state visit to China from April 5th to 7th at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, it is expected that the economic and trade cooperation between China and France will be further deepened. As a firm practitioner of the “originated from France, deeply rooted in China” strategy, Bluestar Adisseo has also attracted the attention of mainstream Chinese media with its innovative development in recent years. During Macron’s visit, China Daily interviewed Bluestar Adisseo’s CEO, Jean-Marc Dublanc, and featured the company’s affluent products and expanded production capacity to meet the changing dietary habits of Chinese consumers.

With the continuous increase in the total amount of food consumption in China and the diversification of consumption types, China’s animal feed industry is facing a good development opportunity. As a global leader in the field of feed additives, Bluestar Adisseo has always regarded China as the world’s largest product market. The second phase of Bluestar Adisseo’s Nanjing factory that can produce additional 180,000 tons of liquid methionine annually was officially launched last year. Together with the first phase, the Nanjing factory is currently able to produce 350,000 tons of liquid methionine a year for both Chinese and global markets. About half of its production will be exported this year, including to markets involved in the Belt and Road Initiative such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia and Türkiye.

In addition, an innovative protein factory with an annual output of 20,000 tons in Chongqing will also be put into operation this year. This microbial protein can be used to replace fishmeal in aquaculture. Its production process requires no arable land and no plant matter. To further enhance its product range and support development, Bluestar Adisseo is building a new specialty formulation plant in Nanjing capable of producing 37,000 tons of feed additives annually, enabling the customization of products to meet specific Chinese industry requirements.