Sinochem Holdings Releases Its Brand Logo




Sinochem Holdings
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On May 8, 2021, Sinochem Holdings released its brand logo. 

The brand logo of Sinochem Holdings consists of a graphic logo, the text “中化Sinochem” and the company motto that “In Science We Trust”. The text “中化Sinochem” adopts a tailored design; the icon features a blooming peony in natural color and communicates Sinochem Holdings’ philosophy that it upholds the spirit of “In Science We Trust”, pursues growth through innovation, and conducts outstanding management to embrace endless vitality, demonstrating the enterprise’s ceaseless efforts to pursue harmonious coexistence with nature, promote sustainable development of society and contribute to an even brighter future for mankind.

Frank Ning, Chairman of Sinochem Holdings, introduced how the brand logo was inspired. He said that chemistry is a science to explore the mysteries of materials. Human beings study the composition and change of materials and create new materials through chemistry. The predecessors ever called chemistry “gezhixue” out of the realization that chemistry is the science to understand the essence of matter. Only by understanding the essence of matter can we understand the origin of things and the world’s materiality. Human beings study the change and regularity of materials through chemistry, which underpins the birth and growth of industries and thus enriches and improves people’s life. Therefore, chemistry is a science of change and creation, and it has delivered so many wonders. Human beings have realized that when we study, explore and even try to change the material world through chemistry, what we participate in is only a small part of the process of constant change and progress of the material world, and we must follow the basic law of material change. Therefore, the essence of chemistry is to follow nature. All the chemical technologies, chemical reactions and chemical syntheses produced so far as well as all the chemicals used by humans must be degraded, restored, returned and reintegrated into the natural world. Only in this way can the world continue to move, cycle and grow. Therefore, chemistry is part of nature; it should be like flowers in nature, beautiful and fragrant, for use by mankind and then return to nature. “So we have designated one of Chinese people's favorite flowers, the peony, as the representative and symbol of the chemical industry, and that's why our logo features the peony.”