ADAMA Investor Relations Website Renews and Upgrades




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Lately, ADAMA completed the revision and upgrade of its Investor Relations (IR) website. The new upgraded website marks one of ADAMA’s significant initiatives to follow the trend of Internet-based IR practice, and further strengthen the company’s proactive communication with investors and the public.

The new IR website has been optimized and upgraded in terms of visual effects, functions and content. Among them, the visual effect is consistent with ADAMA’s global brand image, which allows visitors to directly get the gist and view information more conveniently; the website now has richer functions, which makes full use of new media technology to improve user experience; it also adds event reservation and reminder functions, which facilitates investors to participate in the company’s investment activities in a timely manner, and various audio and video materials have been added, providing visitors with convenient classified information.

As a sub-site of ADAMA’s official website, the IR website provides comprehensive information disclosed by ADAMA as a listed company, covering regular reports, company announcements, corporate governance, stock information, investment materials, ESG, corporate news, etc. Especially for the company’s financial performance, in addition to the regular reports announced as per the disclosure requirements, it also publishes the regular reports and financial performance introductions of the company’s voluntary announcement, and improves the readability with more charts, clearly showing the trend of performance changes in recent years at a glance.

Ms. Rivka Neufeld, ADAMA’s Head of Global Investor Relations, said: “This website upgrade is an important initiative for ADAMA to continuously enhance transparency and strengthen capital market exchanges for stakeholders. Our original desire is to simply improve user experience and we’re very honest under the regulatory framework. We are expecting to create a one-stop platform for our investors and other visitors to understand ADAMA. Hopefully, we can win the trust and support from investors with vivid and intuitive online presentation as well as accurate and refined information.”

ADAMA attaches great significance to IR management. Considering 90% of the company’s business is outside China, as a China’s A-share listed company, it helps Chinese investors and securities practitioners to keep abreast of the company’s global operations and understand the specifics of the company as the key of communication. Since 2018, ADAMA has been awarded the “A” grade in the annual information disclosure assessment of listed companies by Shenzhen Stock Exchange for four consecutive years, which accounts for 6.15% of the total number of listed companies in Shenzhen Composite Index. Guo Zhi, Board Secretary of ADAMA, said that the launch of this new IR website is not the end, rather a new step in its journey together with its investors to forge ahead.