Syngenta Group China Launches the Agricultural and Food Business Alliance to Address Climate Change




Syngenta Group China
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On December 20, Syngenta Group China together with nine companies including Beidahuang Agricultural Service Group, Budweiser, Mengniu, Novozymes, and Nestlé etc., jointly launched an agricultural and food business alliance to address climate change, aiming to promote carbon sequestration and emission reduction measures in agricultural and food sectors with joint actions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial chain, as well as enhance the strength of agriculture and food industries in coping with climate change.

The member companies of the alliance are all leaders in their industries in terms of promoting carbon reduction and sustainable development of enterprises and society. The establishment of this alliance aims to continuously expand and promote best practices of various enterprises, seek synergistic goals and projects, promote energy conservation and efficiency improvement, control greenhouse gas emissions, enhance pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and contribute business efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change.

At present, natural disasters caused by climate change have become an important factor affecting food security and sustainable agricultural development. The agro-food system is not only an important source of greenhouse gas emissions, but also works as a huge carbon sink system, which undertakes special and important responsibilities in response to climate change. The deepening of cooperation among agriculture-related enterprises this time fully demonstrates Syngenta Group China and others’ proactive responses to climate change and actions to promote green development of the industry despite difficulties.