Winall Hi-Tech’s Hybrid Rice Seeds Export to Pakistan




Winall Hi-Tech
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Lately, 2,150 tons of hybrid rice seeds exported to Pakistan by Winall Hi-Tech, a subsidiary of Chinaseeds, Syngenta Group China, have all been shipped to the port of Karachi, Pakistan, which will provide high-quality seed sources for local grain production.

The average yield per mu of Winall Hi-Tech hybrid rice seeds is more than 40% higher than that of local varieties. In 2021, it exported more than 5,500 tons of hybrid rice seeds to Pakistan, accounting for about 40% of Pakistan’s total imports of  hybrid rice seeds from China.

Over the years, Winall Hi-Tech has been committed to promoting China’s quality hybrid rice varieties and planting techniques around the world. In addition to Pakistan, Winall Hi-Tech also exported hybrid rice seeds to over ten countries including Bangladesh, Philippines, and Angola, which have been highly recognized and welcomed by the local market. The picture shows the scene of demonstrative evaluation meeting on “Breeding and Promotion of New Heat-resistant and High-quality Rice Varieties Suitable for Planting in Pakistan” held in early December.