Syngenta Group China Enlisted in COP15 Business Case Collection of Biodiversity Protection




Syngenta Group China
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On December 10, the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity released the “Business Case Collection of Biodiversity Protection”, and Syngenta Group China’s case of promoting biodiversity was selected.

This Business Case Collection is jointly compiled by a number of organizations and contains 23 best practice cases. Over the years, Syngenta Group China has joined hands with the Institute of Agricultural Research, CAAS, Agricultural Science Association of China, International Biodiversity Center, universities, local governments, and food value chain partners to jointly promote agricultural technologies including “pollination action”, “bees release on the farm” and “diversified production” that facilitates biodiversity. They have implemented measures to promote the prosperity of biodiversity on a total of 810,000 mu across China, and popularized pollination and biodiversity protection knowledge to 136,000 people through training.

In the future, Syngenta Group China will continue to work with its partners to uphold the three goals of “conservation as priority, sustainable use and benefit sharing” proposed by the Convention on Biological Diversity, and constantly explore more and better new models for protecting biodiversity, promoting regenerative agriculture, and boosting green and sustainable agricultural development.