Bluestar Adisseo Acquires the French Nor-Feed Group to Explore the Specialty Ingredients Market for Animal Feed




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Lately, Bluestar Adisseo signed an agreement to acquire the French Nor-Feed Group and its subsidiaries. This acquisition marks a key step for Bluestar Adisseo in its expansion to the special ingredients market, which also demonstrates its global leadership strategy for specialty animal feed ingredients with the guidance of “big picture on food” and its implementation of comprehensively consolidating the foundation of food security.

Nor-Feed is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of plant-based specialty ingredients and plant extracts in animal feed. Established in 2003, it is headquartered in Angers Technopole, France, and belongs to the Vegepolys competence cluster (a unique combination of research institutes, universities and leading companies specialized in the botanical field). The company’s main project is promoting botanical extracts from agricultural co-products in animal nutrition and hygiene, to limit the use of antibiotics, coccidiostats and pesticides. Its main products are standardized extraction additives with defined effects on health and nutrition, including alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters, natural anti-coccidiostats, physiological antioxidants, stress management, animal welfare solutions, as well as intestinal flora balancers and external insect repellent, etc.

Through this acquisition, the two parties will complement each other’s advantages and exert synergistic effects in specific fields. Bluestar Adisseo plans to build Nor-Feed into a major supplier of functional plant extracts for animal feed, and enter the market of specialty animal feed ingredients with an annual growth rate of nearly 10%, while Nor-Feed will continue to independently manage R&D and production as well as sales network.

“We are pleased to have signed an agreement to acquire the Nor-Feed Group, which is consistent with the Adisseo mission to offer its customers sustainable, affordable, qualitative, and safe solutions. This operation is part of our strategy to accelerate the growth of our specialty products via unique and differentiating technologies,” said Jean-Marc Dublanc, CEO of Adisseo.