Chairman Frank Ning Attended APEC China CEO Forum 2019 and APEC China Business Council Meeting




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On July 21-22, as Chair of APEC China Business Council, Chairman Frank Ning attended the APEC China CEO Forum 2019 and APEC China Business Council Meeting in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and delivered speeches on a number of occasions. In-depth exchanges were unfolded among APEC business leaders, think tanks and business representatives on topics such as exploring the dynamics and paths of economic and innovation development.

The theme of this forum was “Creating a New Era of Industry Prosperity”, focusing on the tremendous changes brought about by the current innovation.

In the Gala Dinner speech, Chairman Frank Ning addressed the audience that APEC has always adhered to the concept of promoting economic globalization, regional integration and trade liberalization, and has played a significant role in boosting economic growth and trade development in the Asia-Pacific region. The current trade volume and cross-border investment in the Asia-Pacific region has been slowing down, and the free and open trading environment is being severely challenged. The APEC business community should remain true to its original aspiration, proposing more valuable policy recommendations as efforts to facilitate integration and free trade in the Asia-Pacific region. Chairman Frank Ning stressed that the Chinese business community should make full use of the platforms such as the APEC China Business Council to strengthen exchanges and communication, contribute suggestions, and share ideas and experiences.

In his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the forum, Chairman Frank Ning pointed out that there have been major and profound changes going on in today’s international environment and it is expected that more profound changes will follow in the future. In the past, people have been accustomed to a harmonious and friendly trading atmosphere. The current ongoing changes are bringing significant challenges to Chinese business community. At present, the competition in many fields is more of corporate competition. Regarding emerging strategic industries, Chairman Frank Ning stressed that advancing high-quality economic development is a strategic decision of the Central Party Committee to achieve a transformation and upgrading of China's economy and a shift from quantity to quality. There will be a lot of innovations in the emerging industries in the future, and there will be more technological explorations to bring new social progress. These innovations will be led by enterprises. At the end, Chairman Frank Ning  said that Chinese business community is known for its hard work and diligence. The spirit will continue to help promote China's economic progress especially in the new international political and economic environment. Chinese business community will be playing an increasingly consequential role.

During the forum, Chairman Frank Ning attended the 2019 APEC China Business Council Young Entrepreneurs Committee Annual Meeting. He encouraged young entrepreneurs to actively participate in some international events and exchange activities, take the initiative to send out "Chinese voices," and strive to put forward "China recommendations." In addition, he urged young people to be energetic, courageous and creative, and observe and ponder over changes of the world through APEC and other international platforms, and form their  profound understanding of the future and trends as this has a direct impact on the development of each industry both in China and the world as a whole. In the end, Chairman Frank Ning reiterated that the fundamental of a company lies in continuous creation and the need to achieve creative development on the original basis. This is the responsibility of business managers in its true sense. In the future, genuine efforts on technology, exploration, creativity, sustainability and committed efforts to long-term change of an industry will become pivotal. The essence of enterprise is creation and marketing. Marketing targets at expanding markets. Creation is the exploration of technology. Other intermediate links do not necessarily have to be completed by enterprises. Other forms of organization can also do. Therefore, enterprises should build the channel of innovation and create new things incessantly.