Chairman Frank Ning Attended the 2018 APEC China CEO Forum and Delivered Speeches




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On July 7, Mr. Frank Ning, as Chairman of APEC China Business Council, and Chairman of Sinochem Group, attended the 2018 APEC China CEO Forum and related conferences, and delivered two keynote speeches on Sino-US trade, global economy, entrepreneurship, and corporate mission.

Mr. Wang Shouwen, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Ms. Gan Lin, Vice MinisterDeputy Director of the State Administration for Market Regulation, Mr. Deng Boqing, Deputy HeadDirector of the International Development and Cooperation Agency, and Ms. Lu Mei, Counsellor of the Department of International Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attended the opening ceremony of the forum.

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the forum, Chairman Frank Ning elaborated on the Sino-US trade war. He believes that, first, trade tariffs do not play much role in any single country today because the world is connected. History has proven, and business models will also prove, that the biggest victims of trade wars are the provocateurs or countries that take the trade protectionism. Second, from the perspective of market competition, trade wars cannot prevent Chinese products from being exported. Chinese enterprises will find their own way to establish their own model and develop under the new trade rules. In his view, Chinese enterprises have sufficient space and potential to tackle the present difficulty situation,. as As in the past, Chinese import and export business entities have constantly survived from constant accusation of anti-dumping, tariffs increasing and technical barriers. Third, from the employment point of view, the trade war cannot create employment in the United States as it is not reasonable in light of business model. According to Chairman Frank Ning, a country’s economy should be more open when it is developing fast as this is a basic economic theory. He believes that the rules of the world will not change because of one person or one country. In the short term, it might cause a little bit chaos. However, the long-term common prosperity for mankind will not change.

In that evening, Chairman Frank Ning attended the “40th Anniversary40-year of Reform and Opening-up: Tribute to Entrepreneurship” banquet, at which he gave a speech on the theme of “entrepreneurship.” Chairman Frank Ning believes that entrepreneurship has three major features: first, passion, self-confidence, and optimism are always present with entrepreneurs. Second, entrepreneurs are full of enthusiasm, love and faith in their own companies and their products. They are constant promoters and the best salesmen of the products of their own companies. Third, entrepreneurs organize resources with the world in mindby eyeing the world, making the impossible possible. Taking China’s fruitful 40 years of reform and opening-up as an example, policy guidance has played a big role. However, apart from the government, every job has finally fallen to the enterprises to accomplish, and entrepreneurs have taken the drivingleading role.

During the forum, Chairman Frank Ning also presided over the APEC China Business Council Annual Meeting and attended the founding conference of the APEC China Business Council Young Entrepreneurs Committee.