Sinochem Quanzhou Refining-Chemical Integration Project (Second Phase) Kicked Off




Sinochem Group
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On the morning of October 30, the Refining-Chemical Integration Project (Second Phase) of Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinochem Quanzhou”) kicked off at the Sinochem Ethylene Project site. Mr. Zhang Wei, President of Sinochem Group, announced commencement of the project. Mr. Jiang Zhenghong, Vice President of Sinochem Group, presided over the project commencement ceremony.

Sinochem Quanzhou Refining-Chemical Integration Project (Second Phase) is a mega project built after solid appraisal by Sinochem Group, who made their decision upon the virtuous operation of the 12 million tons/year refinery project. The project under discussion covers a land area of about 6,500 mu, and a total investment of CNY32.5billion. It is expected to deliver in June 2020. The project will improve Sinochem Quanzhou’s overall efficiency, increase its anti-risk capability, and facilitate Sinochem Group’s transformation and upgrade to an innovative petro-chemical and fine chemical business.

Mr. Zhang Wei stated at the oath-taking rally that, the kick-off of the project signified a lot as it took place at the occasion that the 19th CPC National Congress was just concluded, and China is entering a new era, and Chinese people are merrily embarking on a new journey; what we were doing was a practical act to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress.

According to Mr. Zhang Wei, Sinochem Group would continue on the road of “integration, base-oriented, differentiation and intensification,” and strive to forge Sinochem Quanzhou into a mega petrochemical base that is modern, domestically leading and internationally top-ranking, coupled with world-class petrochemical clusters built. With realization of this ambitious goal, Sinochem Group will climb to a new high, and contribute more to the development of Fujian Province’s petrochemical industry and economic society. It will also become the new force and backbone to practice the national petrochemical supply side structural reform and active actor of the "Belt and Road” Initiative.