Sinochem Group Held the 2020 Science and Technology Innovation Conference




Sinochem Group
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On August 4, Sinochem Group held the 2020 Science and Technology Innovation Conference, with the presence of Chairman Frank Ning and other group leaders, heads of strategic business units and headquarters functional departments, members of Sinochem Group Science and Technology Committee. Mr. Yang Hua, Board Director and General Manager of Sinochem Group, Director of Science and Technology Committee, presided over the conference. 

The conference reviewed the phased progress in implementing the core value of “In Science We Trust” and carrying out scientific and technological innovation campaign, and arranged for the subsequent work in terms of scientific and technological innovation. In addition, the strategic business units of energy, chemicals and agriculture reported on their respective progress in representative scientific and technological innovation projects.

According to Chairman Frank Ning, since the adoption of the core value of “In Science We Trust” in 2018, the company has witnessed gratifying changes. Firstly, the corporate culture is unified to scientific spirit, employees pay more attention to innovation in ways of thinking, and business divisions lay more stresses to technological innovation. Secondly, increasing models prevail in scientific and technological innovation, including independent research and development, cooperative development, mergers and acquisitions of high-tech enterprises. Collaborative innovation between Sinochem and ChemChina is also gradually under way. In the future, it is necessary to further give play to the synergy effect, optimize innovation modes through in-depth benchmarking. Thirdly, the direction of scientific and technological innovation is in line with corporate strategy and national demand. In particular, the development of several products for lifting “bottleneck” is of great significance. The sustained efforts and higher investments in this aspect are a must, which can not only impel the corporate development, but also make contributions to our country. Moreover, it is necessary to further underpin the team building of scientific and technological talents, improve the mechanism of recruiting and cultivation, and expand the brain bank of those talents.

With outlook on the subsequent work, as emphasized by Chairman Frank Ning, given the current domestic and foreign situations and the advancement of strategic restructuring of Sinochem and ChemChina, it is necessary to thoroughly follow General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the latest symposium on entrepreneurs, understand the essence of “Entrepreneurship”, strengthen the awareness of innovation, accelerate the transformation into a world-class comprehensive chemical enterprise driven by science and technology, take about five years to basically join the ranks of the world-class enterprises, and take about ten years to truly emerge as a top enterprise in the world. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to apply the theory of “Innovation Triangle”, and systematically gain ground in innovative development, transformation and upgrading from the perspective of innovation player, innovation mode and innovation culture.

In concluding remarks, Mr. Yang Hua said that through the review of work, three points must be stressed as follows: Firstly, it is necessary to take a stauncher stance for “In Science We Trust” as the core value. Secondly, it is necessary to systematically review work performances and achievements as gained up to now. Thirdly, it is necessary to continuously make greater efforts and promote scientific and technological innovation at a faster pace, which will be also a practical action taken by Sinochem Group to study, understand and thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on entrepreneurship and scientific and technological innovation.