A Letter to Our Overseas Brothers and Sisters: Apart in Distance but Never in Heart




Sinochem Group
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March 18, 2020

Our Overseas Brothers and Sisters, 

Greetings to you and your families!

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak of coronavirus has beset many countries in an unsmoked war. Since its outbreak, the Chinese government has displayed strong leadership in motivating people and mobilizing resources across the country, adopted the most comprehensive and thorough prevention and control measures, and is determined to win the war against the virus. For now, the spread has been contained and the situation is getting better.

As a multinational conglomerate bearing strong social responsibility, Sinochem has resolutely executed the deployment of the Chinese government, mobilizing all staff in this unprecedented battle. Particularly at critical juncture, our overseas companies and employees timely sent back relief supplies, offering strong support as collective effort. Now the relief materials are well in place and the caring is warmly felt by Sinochem family.

As China is making headway in containing coronavirus, a rapid increase of confirmed cases and deaths are reported in other countries and regions. At this moment, your health and safety is our greatest concern. We would like to express our deepest concern and respect for those working at the front line and salute your families long been supporting you.

Staff are the most valuable asset for Sinochem. We will closely track the development of the pandemic and your safety, and stand ready to provide guidance and all-out support. We hope you can be precautious and prepared, reducing exposure to potential infections. Here are some reminders:

Implement hygiene and infection control practices at home and workplaces. You should stay alert to your health conditions, prepare sufficient prevention materials, prevent transmissions, and minimize the impact, considering a long incubation period of the virus.

Follow local legal regulations and instructions on pandemic prevention. You should organize your lives and work according to local conditions and emergency control, avoid gatherings and keep safe, establishing a good image of our company.

Play an active role in resumed business operation. Once operation is resumed, elevating business performance will be the most prominent challenge. As a vital part of Sinochem’s overall business, overseas companies should follow the guide of the headquarters, closely track the markets, seize opportunities and make greater contributions to business growth.

Understand and follow the policies of the Chinese government on strictly preventing imported cases. As the pandemic is spreading rapidly across the globe, it has become China’s top priority to prevent imported cases. Overseas staff should bear the big picture in mind and take responsibility, understand and follow the preventive instructions. Unnecessary cross-border travel is not encouraged. In case of a must to return, report your travel one week beforehand, and conduct isolation upon arrival. With all these measures, the Chinese government aims to protect your health and safety.

Flowers are to be blossomed and the green is to be seen. The battle against coronavirus will be arduous, but we should never be intimidated. Wherever you are, let’s pull together and we shall win!

We are never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart. The victory is yet to come!


Sinochem Group