President Zhang Wei Attended Sinochem Global Forum on Crop Nutrition




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On November 7, Sinochem Global Forum on Crop Nutrition hosted by Sinochem Agriculture was held at Shanghai Jinmao Tower. As the opportunity of the first China International Import Expo was held, entrepreneurs and experts from the global crop nutrition community gathered in Shanghai to discuss the industry innovation around the theme of “Global Crop Nutrition.” Mr. Zhang Wei, President of Sinochem Group, attended the forum and delivered an opening address.

At the forum, elite representatives from the global crop nutrition community shared their insights into the development of the industry. Among them were Mr. Qin Hengde, President of Sinochem Agriculture; Mr. Rashid Lubani, Marketing Director of (Jordan) Arab Potash Company; Ms. Rim Bennani, Vice President of Sales, East Asia & Oceania at OCP Group (Morocco); Mr. Wang Maosheng, General Manager of Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Coal Mining Group (JAMG); Ms. He Ping, Researcher at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Director of International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) China Program; Mr. Xie Kangmin, President of Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Group Company Limited; Mr. Kevin Kimm, Vice President of International Distribution and New Development; Ms. Liao Hui, General Manager of Kailin Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd.; Mr. Terje Knutsen, Executive Vice President of Yara International ASA; Mr. Huang Bin, President of Hubei Xinyang Fertilizer Co., Ltd.; and Mr. Jiang Hui, Vice Chairman of China Chamber of Commerce of Metals Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC).

In his speech on “Innovative Thinking, Reciprocal and Win-Win Development,” Mr. Zhang Wei noted that the current rapid development of global biotechnology, digital technology, Internet and artificial intelligence has a far-reaching impact on crop nutrition, and will certainly promote crop nutrition to evolve and develop. Innovation synchronizes transformation. Challenges live with opportunities. It is critically paramount to steer China's agricultural transformation and upgrading in green development oriented by quality and market, in order to achieve an innovation-driven, reciprocal and win-win situation.

Mr. Zhang Wei said that Sinochem Group will play an active role in the transformation and upgrading guided by its core value "In Science We Trust". In the years ahead, Sinochem Group will be transformed into a technology-driven innovative company, and hopes that every sector can become a specialized enterprise. Sinochem Agriculture has services in fertilizer, seeds, pesticides and MAP models. MAP, from an idea to exploration of models, heralds a bright prospect. In the future, Sinochem Agriculture will incubate a large-scale agricultural product experience centers, engaging premium agricultural producers with urban consumers who have demand for such good products. Sinochem Group hopes to further collaborate with the industry, enhance collaboration efficiency and truly seize the opportunity brought about by the transformation and development of China's agriculture.

Mr. Qin Hengde delivered a keynote speech entitled "Sinochem Helps China's Agricultural Modernization Through MAP." He said that the Sinochem Agriculture’s MAP platform brings together all the advantageous resources, enterprises and research institutions related to the agricultural industrial chain. This is a huge opportunity for all crop nutrition and fertilizer companies with their market in China. Sinochem Agriculture intends to, in three to five years, build over 500 MAP service centers, 1,500 demonstration farms, covering over 30 million mu of cultivated land and connecting over 1 million farm households. Sinochem Agriculture aims to become China's leading digital agricultural service provider, driving an agricultural increment of over 10 billion yuan.