Modern Agricultural Service(MAP)
About MAP Strategy

Syngenta Group China MAP and Digital Agriculture leverages Sinochem Agriculture Holdings as its operational platform, promoting the Modern Agriculture Platform (MAP) model. Positioned as a “agricultural whole value chain co-creation and shared-service platform”, MAP aims to bridge the gap between the trade-up trend in consumption and the needs of new farmers. MAP supports growers and food value chain partners by offering comprehensive services that combine online and offline elements and cover the entire agricultural production and sales process. With nationwide MAP technical service centers and demo farms, the MAP business promotes advanced technology applications and production trustee services. By establishing grassroots Mapper teams, MAP integrates and emphasizes "good seeds + good methods" as the core of its complete planting solution. MAP's digital agriculture systems have been developed and implemented, alongside MAP beSide, a quality control and traceability system that ensures high-quality agricultural products. MAP is committed to helping farmers sustainably cultivate premium crops at better prices while connecting the agricultural and food value chains. This approach helps farmers increase their income, boosts industry efficiency, and ensures consumers have access to safer and higher quality products, ultimately leading the way in agricultural modernization and digital innovation.

Agricultural Products Marketing

We give full play to its own advantages, developing and integrating premium resources across the value chain. We conduct comprehensive strategic cooperation with domestic leading enterprises of grain collection and storage, grain trading, food processing and industrial production on staple crops like rice, corn and wheat as well as regional crops like miscellaneous grain and fruit. Meanwhile, we strive to explore global channels and meet our partners’ demand for diversified, high-standard and sustainable agricultural products through market-oriented operation, order planting, directional supply, etc. Therefore, we assist modern agriculture growers in building moderate-scale standard agricultural production based on market demands, enhance their anti-risk capabilities and sustainable profitability, and in the end promote the development of Chinese modern agriculture.

In the meantime, we provide MAP services and agricultural products like rice, miscellaneous grain, fruit and vegetable, produces exclusive, green, safe and high-quality end-products, offering healthy and delicious food for consumers.

Research and Development Cluster

MAP strategy is supported by strong research and development cluster, including Linyi Agriculture Research and Development Center, Life Science and Technology Center of China Seeds, Chengdu Chemical Research and Development Center, etc. We conduct R&D on new fertilizers, high-tech breed and related process technologies, applying the R&D fruits into practice, so as to provide technical support for upgrading products on distribution channels, develop and test integration plan of agriculture cultivation technologies in MAP technical centers.

Experience Business

Experience business draws on the “Internet+” mindset and operation model, issuing a trustworthy list for China’s high-quality agricultural products Panda Guide, which sets the trend for China’s high-end agricultural products.

Panda Guide goes beyond three major food categories of grain, fruit and vegetable, selects premium natural products and focuses on all main agricultural products that are related to people’s lives. Quality products are selected and authoritative data base is built to provide guidelines for customers to choose good food and pursue healthy lifestyle, upgrading China’s agriculture sector and building brand of reputation.