Energy Technology
Sinochem energy technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "sinochem energy technology") is a technology Internet company under the sinochem energy sector. In August 2017, the sinochem energy "Internet +" working group, the predecessor of sinochem energy technology, was established, becoming a pioneer in the field of energy Internet transformation.

Sinochem energy technology co., ltd. was formally established in February 2018. Supported by advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of things, cloud computing and big data, the company is committed to promoting the deep integration of network technology and the petrochemical industry and becoming a smart operator in the petrochemical industry.

At present, the Chinese energy technology has been to build industry of the operation of supply chain management, the optimization of refinery, oil station digital platform.

Meanwhile, it took the lead in making breakthroughs in the application of blockchain in the petrochemical industry and was shortlisted for the energy Oscar -- Platts global energy award innovation and technology award.

In the future, sinochem will continue to focus on the Internet technology to redefine the operation model of the petrochemical industry, build a digital service infrastructure covering the entire petrochemical industry chain, and become the industry's digital service leader.

66 Cloud Chain

66 cloud chain is currently the only petrochemical supply chain digital infrastructure integrating storage and transportation in China, with 66 express, canghai gang and shipping gang as its three major products.

66 cloud chain to the Internet of things, big data, block chains, and other advanced technology to support, online connection the owner, the team, owner, warehousing, ports, docks, ship generation, commodity inspection, finance and other related party, can provide the order management, number of bill of lading, vehicle reservation queuing system, mobile hazards monitoring, safety regulation, logistics, real-time visualization petrochemical intelligent recommendation, refuelling, financial capacity, data analysis and other digital services, and supply chain integration solutions, help petrochemical industry procurement and production, the transportation enterprises to better focus on core business, in power enterprise authors efficiency at the same time, the industry safety management level of ascension.

Xiaohua Refueling

Xiaohua refueling is an integrated service platform for gas stations owned by energy technology companies.

Small refueling big specializing in providing complete gas station intelligent management solutions, containing the gas station management system and intelligent equipment provides both the hardware and software products, also provide from the system implementation of operational management at different levels of service station end, support general station enterprises more fast, smart and agile to improve business efficiency.

U Series

Sinochem energy technology has built up a series of brands, including U Plan, U Schedule, U Trade, U Chain and U Analysis, all of which are aimed at a number of fields in the petrochemical industry.

It is mainly aimed at the operation management and decision-making level of refining and chemical enterprises, providing users with more sophisticated management means and more scientific decision-making support, and helping users to realize intelligent control and excellent operation.

At the same time, in addition to the mastermind series of products will also provide users with planning and scheduling collaborative optimization, intelligent equipment management, process simulation and industrial simulation and other quality solutions, to fully assist enterprises to achieve the objectives of optimized operation and management, standardized production management, and intelligent process control.