Test & Evaluation, Chemical Safety
Sinochem currently provides professional services in the field of test and evaluation and chemical safety.

Sinochem’s subsidiary Shenyang SYRICI Testing Co. Ltd (SYRICIT) is an independent third-party evaluation service agency. The company is affiliated to Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry (SYRICI), formerly known as the Testing and Evaluation Center of the SYRICI.

SYRICIT is dedicated to the evaluation and testing for the pesticide , chemicals, toxicity screening, preclinical evaluation of new drugs, identification of hazardous chemicals and wastes, etc. It provides one-stop service for the whole life cycle safety of chemicals for enterprises. What’s more, in the field of toxicology evaluation, SYRICIT is the first Chinese company that obtained the OECD GLP international certification. With comprehensive qualifications and advanced facilities and equipment, it is one of the top testing and evaluation agency in China.

In the field of chemical safety, since 2006, the Chemical Industry Safety Technology & Engineering Center of SYRICI has pioneered establish the platform of chemical industry safety technology & engineering and the concept of precise process has been first proposed by the center. According to the classification of chemical materials, process and run-away reaction control, the system of reaction hazard research methods, process risk assessment methods and risk control technology have been comprehensively developed.

The center can carry out safety and process compatibility research of chemical materials, intermediates, products and rejected material; safety research of solid material dust; research of process and secondary decomposition reaction; research of decomposition dynamics and reaction dynamics; research of the hazard of chemical reaction in different runaway situations; study of emergency control measures; reaction safety risk assessment, etc. By means of chemical reaction hazard research and process risk assessment, the process safety conditions can be determined, the technical data can be provided for process design and process optimization., the successful implementation will be contributed to engineering scale-up and industrialization, the technical support will be provided for safe production, consumption reduction and emission reduction, and the safe production and green manufacturing will be realized.