Ammonium chloride
It is a neutral fertilizer applicable to most crops and some industries. It can be used in rice, corn, sorghum, wheat and vegetables, and reduce the lodging of crops, rice blast, bacterial leaf blight, rotten root and other diseases, and used as the main source of nitrogen in compound fertilizer manufacturers.
Product characteristics
Ammonium chloride is a strong acid and weak base salt, which releases acid at high temperature. Ammonium chloride is often used as curing agent while casting hot box.
Application instructions
It can be used as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. However, ammonia fertilizer can not be applied together with alkaline fertilizer, and it is better not to apply it in saline alkali soil, so as to avoid reducing fertilizer efficiency. It can be used as base fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer, but not as seed fertilizer. In addition, it is also not allowed to use large amounts of ammonium chloride in crops aversion to chlorine (tobacco, sugarcane, potato, etc.). In industry, it is mainly used in manufacture of dry batteries and storage batteries, other ammonium salts, electroplating bath additives, electronic components and metal welding flux, as well as preparation of medical solution for film processing and expectorants and diuretics.
Application instructions