Soda ash, with the chemical name of sodium carbonate, is an important raw material of organic chemical industry. It can be divided into heavy soda ash and light soda ash due to different physical properties. It is mainly used in manufacture of flat glass, glasswork and ceramic glaze, and widely used in household washing, acid neutralization and food processing.
Product characteristics
Sodium carbonate is a kind of white powder which is easy to dissolve in water. The solution is alkaline (it can turn phenolphthalein solution light red). It can decompose at high temperature, but not when heated.
Application instructions
In the chemical industry, it is used to manufacture sodium hydroxide, sodium metasilicate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium bichromate, sodium ferrocyanide, sodium pyrosulfite, sodium hydrosulfite, sodium cyanide and other chemical products. It is also an important alkaline melting agent for manufacture of bottle glass, flat glass, bulb, thermos bottle and enamel pigment for daily use.
Application instructions