Propionic acid
Sinochem Holdings has self-sufficient water, electric power and gas based on industrial chain in the Park, and adopts the propionaldehyde oxidation method to manufacture propionic acid, with a production capacity of 40,000 tons. The product has reliable quality, which can be used in preservatives, chemical synthesis, raw materials of cosmetics, food industry and other industries. Different packaging specifications are prepared based on different industries and different customers. Sinochem Holdings has a powerful network platform for sales and logistics information, and the products are sold to all over the world.
Product characteristics
It is stable, miscible with water, ethanol, ether and chloroform, and has strong bactericidal performance and low toxicity.
Application instructions
It can be used as esterifying agent, solvent of nitrocellulose, plasticizer, chemical reagent and raw material of food.
Application instructions