Sinochem Holdings has self-sufficient water, electric power, gas, raw and auxiliary materials based on industrial chain in the Park. Sinochem Holdings newly adopts the plant for manufacture of propionic acid, propanol and propionaldehyde, which are downstream products of ethylene. Sinochem Holdings has the plant for manufacture of propionaldehyde with larger capacity, which can produce 120,000 tons of propionaldehyde. The propionaldehyde is mainly used as the intermediate of propionic acid and propanol.
Product characteristics
Propionaldehyde is combustible, and its vapor and air can form explosive mixture, which is easy to burn and explode in case of open fire and high heat. It reacts drastically with oxidant. In case of high heat, polymerization reaction may occur and a large amount of heat will be released, which will cause vessel rupture and explosion.
Application instructions
It is mainly used in manufacture of n-propanol, propionic acid, trimethylolethane, propionaldoxime and other intermediates.
Application instructions