Sinochem Holdings can provide many alcohol products, such as n-butanol and octanol. They are mainly used in plasticizers, solvents, antifreeze, and also in manufacture of flavors and cosmetics. Sinochem Holdings can manufacture 450,000 tons of n-butanol and 400,000 tons of octanol per year. Based on the international advanced production technology and independent R & D strength, Sinochem Holdings takes the lead in terms of the product quality both domestically and internationally. The products are sold to all over the world by the powerful network marketing platform.
Product characteristics
N-butanol is slightly soluble in water, and soluble in ethanol, ether and the majority of organic solvents. Octanol is a common chemical, soluble in ethanol, ether, chloroform, and soluble in water about 720 times.
Application instructions
The three downstream products of n-butanol are butyl acrylate, butyl acetate and plasticizer DBP. The main downstream products of octanol are plasticizer DOP, DOTP, octyl acrylate.
Application instructions