Formic acid
Sinochem Holdings has the plant with largest production capacity of formic acid in the world, which can produce 400,000 tons of the products per year. Sinochem Holdings has self-sufficient water, electric power, gas, raw and auxiliary materials based on industrial chain in the Park. The product has passed the certification of food safety management system with reliable quality. In addition, Sinochem Holdings has obtained the feed additive production license, and can provide the product with various specifications, such as 85%, 90%, 94% and 99%, which can meet the diversified requirements of customers.
Product characteristics
It is miscible with water and alcohol, insoluble in hydrocarbons, and has strong corrosivity.
Application instructions
1. Pharmaceutical industry: caffeine, analgin, vitamin B1, metronidazole. 2. Pesticide industry: triazole, Tricyclazole, Triazophos, Triadimefon. 3. Chemical industry: calcium formate, ammonium formate, potassium formate, ethyl formate, barium formate, formamide, rubber antioxidant, pentaerythritol, neopentyl glycol, epoxidized soybean oil, octyl hexnote of epoxidized soybean oil. 4. Leather industry: tanning agent, dust remover and neutralizer of leather. 5. Rubber industry: natural rubber coagulant. 6. Others: mordant for dyeing and printing, dyeing agent for fiber and paper, finishing agent, plasticizer, food preservation and animal feed additive, etc.
Application instructions