Calcium chloride
Sinochem Holdings has the plant with largest production capacity of calcium chloride in China, which can produce 170,000 tons of the products per year. Sinochem Holdings has self-sufficient water, electric power, gas, raw and auxiliary materials based on industrial chain in the Park. Based on the most advanced production technology in the world, Sinochem Holdings can provide the product with reliable quality and various specifications, such as 74%, 77%, and 94%, which can meet the diversified requirements of customers.
Product characteristics
Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is an inorganic salt, which is white and clean body. It has unique physical properties such as high solubility, strong moisture absorption and easily hydrolytic in air.
Application instructions
It can be used as snow melting agent, desiccant, refrigerant, deicing agent and coagulant, and widely used in chemical industry, mining, construction, transportation, smelting, medicine, light industry, food, storage and other industries.
Application instructions