Sinochem Holdings can manufacture 50000 tons of the products per year. Sinochem Holdings has self-sufficient water, electric power, gas, raw and auxiliary materials based on industrial chain in the Park. Based on the production process, Sinochem Holdings can provide type I superior products with reliable quality, which can be used by all customers of downstream industries. Sinochem Holdings can provide the product ranking top 3 in China, and has certain influence on the market.
Product characteristics
It is colorless liquid with smell like ether, and is miscible with ethanol, ether, chloroform and benzene.
Application instructions
It is mainly used as organic solvent, dry cleaning agent, metal degreasing solvent, and also as anthelmintic agent. It can be used as extraction agent of fat, fire extinguishing agent and smoke agent, and can also be used to synthesize fluorine-containing organic compounds.
Application instructions