Liquid chlorine
It is yellow green liquid.
Product characteristics
The product has boiling point of -34.6 ℃ and melting point of -103 ℃. Under normal pressure, it vaporizes into gas, which can cause serious poisoning if inhaled. Liquid chlorine has strong irritation and corrosivity. It burns and explodes when mixed with other combustible gases in sunlight. Chlorine is a very active element and can react with the majority of elements (or compounds).
Application instructions
It is widely used after gasification. It is a strong oxidant for bleaching in textile and paper industry, purification and disinfection of tap water, refining of magnesium and other metals, and preparation of various chlorinated compounds such as pesticides, detergents, plastics, rubber, medicine, etc. In chemical production, polyvinyl chloride and chlorinated polyethylene are synthesized from polyethylene and liquid chlorine.
Application instructions