Caustic soda
The product has molecular formula of NaOH, molecular weight of 40, chemical name of sodium hydroxide, and is commonly known as caustic soda. 30.0% liquid caustic soda contains 30.0% sodium hydroxide and the rest 70% are water, sodium chloride, sodium chlorate and other impurities. 45.0% liquid caustic soda contains more than 45.0% sodium hydroxide and less than 55% other impurities. The 30.0% and 45.0% caustic soda are colorless, transparent and viscous liquid at room temperature.
Product characteristics
It is colorless and viscous liquid at room temperature. It can react with inorganic acid to generate salt or react with weak acid gas. It can react with metal salt, amphoteric metal and amphoteric hydroxide. It can react with organic acid to generate soluble salt. It is corrosive. The caustic soda solution is a strong electrolyte with conductivity.
Application instructions
It is widely used as neutralizer in the manufacture of various sodium salts, soaps, pulp, dyes, rayon, cotton fabric finishing, refined petroleum, coal tar refining, etc.
Application instructions