PVC paste resin
It is a kind of thermoplastic resin with special function and high added value. It has fine particle size and no fluidity. It can form stable PVC plasticized paste by mixing with plasticizer and heat stabilizer, and form various soft products by further molding, heating and plasticizing.
Product characteristics
It has the advantages of simple preparation, stable performance, easy control, convenient use, flexible molding, excellent performance, good chemical stability, good mechanical strength and easy coloring.
Application instructions
The product is manufactured by various processing technologies, such as coating, foaming, dipping, slush molding, rotation, casting, and spray molding. It is mainly used in PVC disposable gloves, interlining gloves, automobile leather, garment leather, furniture leather, luggage leather, shoe leather, floor leather, sports floor, business floor, carpet, floor mat, wallpaper, canopy cloth, advertising cloth, netted sandwich cloth, membrane structure cloth, window screen, structural foam, conveyor belt, toy, model, tool handle, clothing hanger, electronic sheath, wad, label, PVC auto plasticsol, printing ink, etc.
Application instructions