Polyvinyl chloride resin
Polyvinyl chloride resin, PVC resin for short, is one of the plastic products with maximum output in the world. It has the advantages of low price, excellent blending performance with fillers and wide application. It can be divided into different models based on different application.
Product characteristics
PVC resin has many advantages, such as flame retardant (flame retardant value above 40), high chemical resistance (resistant to concentrated hydrochloric acid, 90% sulfuric acid, 60% nitric acid and 20% sodium hydroxide), good mechanical strength and electrical insulation. However, it has poor heat resistance, softening point of 80 ℃, and it begins to decompose and change color at 130 ℃.
Application instructions
By adding appropriate processing additives, PVC plastic products may have different physical and mechanical properties, and can be used to manufacture hard plastic products (such as profiles, plates, doors and windows, pipes, valves, etc.) and soft plastic products (film, artificial leather, wire and cable sheath, daily consumer goods, etc.).
Application instructions