O-nitrochloro benzene
It is light yellow and needle-like crystal.
Product characteristics
It is insoluble in water, but soluble in ethanol, ether and benzene. It is important intermediate of pesticide, dyes and medicine. It can also be used as raw material of rubber accelerator M.
Application instructions
It is an important intermediate in organic synthesis and can derive various intermediates. It is used to manufacture yellow GC, orange GR, etc. in the dye industry. It is used to manufacture rubber accelerator M and DM, etc. in the additive industry. It is used in the synthesis of vanillin in the perfume industry. It is used to manufacture topsin, thiophanate methyl and carbendazim in the pesticide industry. It is also used as the raw material of benzotriazole ultraviolet light absorbers, and an important intermediate of medicine.
Application instructions