Polyether polyol
It is the main raw material of polyurethane products. At present, the polyether manufacture unit of Sinochem Holdings can produce 250000 tons products a year with six series, such as soft foam, hard foam, elastomer, high resilience product, pop, etc. Sinochem Holdings can provide products with stable quality, and is awarded the title of "Famous Brand Product of China's Petroleum and Chemical Industry".
Product characteristics
It is colorless to brown viscous liquid at room temperature. It is usually soluble in aromatics, halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols and ketones, and has hygroscopicity. In the presence of catalyst, the ring opening homopolymerization or copolymerization of oxidated olefins is carried out with polyhydroxy or polyamine compounds as initiators. Polyether polyol is obtained by the addition polymerization of initiator, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide in the presence of catalyst.
Application instructions
It is the main raw material of polyurethane products, and is widely used in industries such as papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, synthetic leather, coatings, adhesives, elastomers, foam plastics, sealants and petroleum development, aerospace and military. Special polyether polyol can also be used as defoamers and surfactants.
Application instructions