MPE (metallocene polyethylene)
As a novel thermoplastic, MPE is the most important technological progress in polyolefin industry in 1990s, and an important innovation after LLDPE production technology. MPE has significantly different performance from the traditional PE prepared by polymerization with Ziegler-Natta catalyst due to the use of metallocene (MAO) as polymerization catalyst.
Product characteristics
The product is superior than LLDPE based film in mechanical properties, can significantly improve the toughness of LDPE based film, and make it possible to thin up to 20% of the film. In addition, the product can expand the application of LDPE equipment, lowering the requirements for storage costs and working capital, so as to provide sustainable development benefits and reduce the impact on the environment.
Application instructions
By combining the processing properties of films with the excellent physical properties of high α- olefins, MPE is applicable to various flexible packaging films, such as shrink packaging film, pallet shrink packaging film, manual casting wrapping film, agricultural greenhouse film, medium and heavy packaging bags and composite packaging film.
Application instructions