It is a kind of light petroleum product obtained by distillation of crude oil or secondary processing petroleum. Its boiling range can be determined as required. It usually has a wide distillation range, such as 30-230 ℃. Under normal temperature and pressure, it is colorless, transparent or yellowish liquid with special smell and insoluble in water.
Product characteristics
Naphtha can be used as material for ethylene cracking and raw material for reforming. As material for ethylene cracking, naphtha has a distillation range of initial boiling point-230℃. As raw material for reforming, naphtha has a distillation range of initial boiling point-175℃.
Application instructions
Naphtha is an important raw material for manufacturing ethylene and propylene by cracking in tubular furnace, and benzene, toluene and xylene by catalytic reforming.
Application instructions