Petroleum coke
It is a kind of black solid coke obtained by cracking and coking the vacuum residue of petroleum at 500-550 ℃ in coker. It has black or dark gray honeycomb structure, and most of the pores in the coke block are oval and connected with each other.
Product characteristics
It has low strength, less ash, high tendency to graphitization, moderate volatile, and can provide high calorific value.
Application instructions
It is used to manufacture carbon products, such as graphite electrode, anode paste, etc. It can be used to manufacture silicon carbide products by mixing with quartz sand (silica). With silicon carbide products, the abrasive materials, such as grinding wheel, sandpaper, emery, etc. can be manufactured. By mixing with limestone, it can be used to prepare calcium carbide, which is used to manufacture lime nitrogen, synthetic fiber, acetylene, etc. It can also be used as fuel for metal smelting.
Application instructions