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Environmental protection, low energy consumption and excellent protection performance have formed a series of products, such as steel structure anti-corrosion, overweight anti-corrosion, concrete protection, outdoor decoration anti-corrosion, Flame-retardant protection, anti-static, explosion-proof, speaker decoration protection, etc., which can provide complete protection solutions for water-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, decoration, etc. It is applicable to infrastructure construction, petrochemical industry, artificial landscape, sports engineering, equipment manufacturing, and other fields.
Product characteristics
It can be cured in 5-10 seconds, reach the treading strength in 5-10 minutes, the hardness can be adjusted at will, the 100% solid content is zero VOC, the tensile strength is high, the elongation is large, the construction period is short, the wear resistance of special products can be ten times higher than that of carbon steel, and the service life of materials is more than 50 years.
Application instructions
As a protective technology, polyurea technology is mainly used in the fields of concrete waterproof, metal base material anti-corrosion, water conservancy and mining equipment anti abrasion.
Application instructions