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Polysulfides are a kind of mecaptan-terminated polymers whose vulcanized products are one of special synthetic rubbers, and its main structure is HS [C2H4OCH2OC2H4S2]nSH (n is normally 5~50). Polysulfides can be cured by metal oxides or peroxides at room temperature because of their active thiol end group, processed and used conveniently.
Product characteristics
Its vulcanized products own excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, alkali resistance, seawater corrosion resistance, UV and high energy radiation resistance, as well as good impact resistance, low temperature flexibility, electrical insulation, air tightness, water tightness and adhesion to metal and non-metal materials.
Application instructions
Polysulfides are mainly used in aeronautics, astronautics, ships, construction, mechanical and electrical instruments, automobiles, railways, water conservancy and petrochemicals and other fields.
Application instructions