Non-skid coatings
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The non-skid coatings include heavy-duty rolling series, light-weight wear-resistant series, elastic comfort series, etc., which can meet the performance requirements of different occasions and different use environments. It can not only ensure the safety of the surface even with water and oil, but also have excellent anti-corrosion and anti-skid properties. It is worth mentioning that many products have filled the domestic application gap and have reached the international advanced level.
Product characteristics
It has the characteristics of long-lasting high anti-skid, long wear-resistant life, anti-rust and corrosion resistance, impact resistance and rolling resistance, rich colors, flexible application and easy maintenance. It is suitable for different substrates such as steel plate, cement, asphalt, aluminum, wood, marble, etc. It presents different surface appearance states from smooth, slightly raised, to ridges and valleys.
Application instructions
Non-skid coatings are mainly used on surfaces with anti-slip requirements such as ship decks, helicopter take-off and landing platforms, cabin floors, locomotive passages, ramps, ramps, highway truck scales, steps, pedals, etc. It can not only increase the surface roughness and increase the friction coefficient, but also help to slow down, stop, prevent slippage, and step comfortably.
Application instructions