FR series reverse osmosis membrane
Reverse osmosis membrane is a kind of semi permeable membrane made of polymer materials. The diameter of micropore on the membrane surface is generally between 0.5-10nm, which can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matters, etc.Sinochem Memtech SMR-BW and SMR-FR series membrane products have the advantages of high rejection, high durability, high mechanical strength and long service life
Product characteristics
Sinochem Memtech SMR-FR-400(34) element has optimized construction for durable, high rejection, high productivity performance in treating water with high biological fouling tendency. It offers exceptional fouling resistance and cleanability with Sinochem, proprietary fouling resistant membrane technology.
Application instructions
Sinochem reverse osmosis membranes are widely used in application such as zero liquid discharge, ultrapure water treatment, wastewater reuse, brackish water desalination, material separation in the fields of chemical ,metallurgical, power generation, microelectronics& semiconductor, new material and pharmaceutical industries etc.
Application instructions