Liquid Silicone Rubbers are two-component systems in which viscosities are generally between 103 and approximately 106 mPa.s. This type of formulation forms an elastomeric network through polyaddition reactions in the presence of a platinum catalyst. The processing and product performance advantages of Liquid Silicone Rubber are useful in many existing processes and new applications. This type of rubber can combine key properties of silicone polymers for easy injection-mold processing. After mixing the A and B parts in a static or dynamic mixer, they are mainly used in injection-molding machines working at medium or high pressures or in pumps that directly feed molds at ambient pressure.
Product characteristics
Excellent resistance to thermal aging and oxidizing; Excellent resistance in sterilization; Very high levels of transparency; Well-suited mechanical properties; Product features to facilitate processing; Higher curing rate than other rubber grades with low scrap levels; easy pigmentation.
Application instructions
Widely used in the power industry wire and cable, cable terminal, insulator, automotive spark plug sheath, dust cover, exhaust pipe, engine gasket, construction industry fire stop seals, as well as food contact grade baby nipple raw materials.
Application instructions