Para aramid fiber
Para aramid is one of the three high performance fibers in the world, with excellent comprehensive properties. It can be used as a fiber alone or as a reinforcing material. It can be used in bullet proof protection, electronic communication, automobile industry and other fields.
Product characteristics
Para aramid fiber has the physical properties of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, non decomposition and non melting under 560 degrees, high strength, high modulus, etc., it strength is 5-6 times of the steel wire, and the modulus is 2-3 times of the steel wire or glass fiber.
Application instructions
Para aramid fiber is widely used in automobile industry, such as tyre cord fabric, rubber hose, brake pad etc.;individual protective materials in textile industry, such as EOD suit, fire fighter suit, etc.; electronic communication industry, such as optical cable, headphone cable, etc.
Application instructions