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HFC-134a is one of the main refrigerants that have been commonly recognized worldwide to replace CFC-12
Product characteristics
Molecular formula: CH2FCF3; molecular weight: 102.03; boiling point: -26.4℃; critical temperature: 101.1℃; critical pressure: 4.07 MPa; it is colorless gas under normal temperature and is non-toxic, noncombustible and insoluble in water. ODP value: 0; GWP value:1,430.
Application instructions
It is commonly used for the vehicle air conditioner and commercial and industrial refrigeration system or the production of hard plastic insulation materials as foaming agent or the preparation of other mixed refrigerant, such as R404A and R407C. As the mainstream environmentally friendly refrigerating fluid at present, HFC-134a has also been widely used for the re-addition in course of auto and air conditioner repairing.
Application instructions