Eletronic grade nitrogen Trifluoride
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Nitrogen Trifluoride is widely used in high energy chemical laser, electronic industry (IC) and solar photovoltaic industry. At present, liming Institute has an NF3 production line with an annual output of 2000 tons, and its production process and equipment are in the leading position in China.
Product characteristics
NF3 is a colorless, stable and toxic gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. The relative molecular weight is 71.002, and the boiling point is - 129.06 ℃.
Application instructions
As an excellent plasma etching gas in microelectronics industry, nitrogen trifluoride is cracked into active fluorine ions during ion etching. These fluorine ions have excellent etching rate and selectivity (for silicon oxide and silicon) for silicon and tungsten compounds and high-purity nitrogen trifluoride. When etching, it leaves no residue on the surface of the etching object, which is a very good cleaning agent.
Application instructions