Governing the enterprise according to law and operating in compliance are the core values of Sinochem Holding's compliance management. To ensure the company operates in full compliance with law, fulfills its legal responsibilities to the society, clients, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders, Sinochem Holdings formulated the Sinochem Compliance Obligation Convention and launched a campaign among all staff to sign the Sinochem Compliance Responsibility Agreement to implement the compliance philosophy that “compliance shall start from the top while all staff shall take the initiative to comply, stay above the bottom line of compliance risks, and create value by making practical compliance efforts”.

Sinochem Compliance Obligation Convention is the foundation of Sinochem Holding’s sustainable development, and Sinochem Compliance Responsibility Agreement is the solemn commitment undertaken by company’s management team and staff at all levels. Through establishing and improving the company’s compliance management system, Sinochem Holdings will standardize its corporate operations and management, enhance the ability of law-based management, prevent major legal compliance risks, ensure legal compliance operation, maintain and enhance the good reputation and brand value, and help the company grow into a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness.