Cooperation of Science and Technology

Adhering to cooperation, openness, inclusiveness and sharing, we work and grow along with enterprises to accelerate technological innovation.

Industrial Cooperation

We share practice and thinking with insiders to jointly withaddress challenges brought by the new technology revolution.

Cooperation with Scientific Research Institutions

We cooperate with first-class universities and scientific research institutions to create an inclusive and diversified research environment and accelerate innovation.

Expert Advisory Committee

Our External Advisory Committee was established in 2020, aiming to provide professional advice for the Company’s major strategic decisions, scientific and technological planning and promotion of R&D projects as well as diversified external perspectives for study and judgment of external technical environment, study of major innovation issues, tracking evaluation of innovation projects, and assessment of innovation capabilities.

Mass Innovation and Creativity Contest

Mass Innovation and Creativity Contest: We set up the concept of all-involvement innovation, build the Stage Gate system covering professional innovation and mass innovation and entrepreneurship, and establish and perfect the innovation incentive mechanism of “Risk Sharing and Incremental Sharing”, making innovation a thinking habit, working method and way of life among staff.

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