Sinochem Holdings takes the “Innovation Triangle” as the core. Coupled with the innovation characteristics of the industry and industrial development stages, it aims to form an open, multiple and industrial (OMI) innovation system, strengthen top-level design, reshape the scientific and technological innovation system, while enhancing independent innovation, and advancing the company’s industrial transformation and development momentum.

The company focuses on the research and development direction of key business areas, coordinates scientific and technological innovation resources, and establishes the Central Research Institute. With the main body of innovation being divided into “common and cutting-edge technology platform” and “enterprise research and development platform”, Sinochem Holdings sets up 21 professional research centers to implement matrix management on key issues facing life science, materials science, environmental science, petrochemical and other fields, such as scientific and technological planning, annual scientific research plan, project approval and leading scientific and technological talents. This fosters an innovation structure with a clear division of labor and distinct layers, and improves scientific and technological innovation efficiency. 

At present, the company has 67 national-level R&D platforms of China, and 156 R&D centers overseas.

Since 2000, the company has won 8 National Technology Invention Awards, 23 National Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 1 China Industrial Award. The company has 29,783 valid patents, has won 1 gold award, 1 silver award, and 58 outstanding awards jointly issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization and China National Intellectual Property Administration, and has 4 National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises recognized by China National Intellectual Property Administration.

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While continuing to strengthen science and technology innovation capacity building, by carrying out industrial cooperation, participating in government projects, and deepening the “Industry-University-Research” cooperation with dozens of top universities and academic research institutions at home and abroad, we have joined forces to develop new technologies, produce new products, expand new applications and cultivate new businesses, aiming to build a new open innovation ecosystem.

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