Environmental Science
Sinochem Holdings prioritizes the development of environmental science as a strategy in emerging businesses. We are committed to growing China’s chemical industry in a green way, playing a pivotal role in the national battle against pollution, and shouldering the responsibility as a central SOE to build ecological civilization.

Our environmental science business covers various fields such as environmental protection services (e.g. wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment, soil remediation, waste gas treatment, and comprehensive management of industrial parks), energy saving and emission reduction, resource exploitation and recycling. We provide comprehensive services including design consulting, EPC, project investment, operation management, equipment manufacturing and sale. Our industrial wastewater treatment, industrial hazardous waste treatment, seawater desalination, wastewater recycling, non-power industry waste gas management, phosphorus and potassium resource exploitation businesses lead the Chinese market; soil remediation, industrial energy saving, and resource recycle businesses develop rapidly; and we possess first-class technology to develop water treatment membrane products in China.

Our vision is to “become an environmental protection expert on chemicals”. We will prioritize the development of chemical environmental protection and mainly serve industrial parks and industrial enterprises. We will focus on environmental protection services, energy saving and emission reduction, resource exploitation and recycling. We will also build up four major capabilities on technology innovation, engineering service, investment and operation, and technical equipping, to become a well-respected world-leading comprehensive environmental service provider.

Water Treatment Products
First developed and applied the double membrane water treatment process in China, and is the leader in China in advanced industrial and domestic waste water treatment, brackish water treatment, advanced drinking water treatment, sea water desalination technology and other fields

Have the whole core water treatment technologies in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, membrane bioreactor, biological aerated filter, filter, ion exchange, etc. The capacity of the membrane production line is 2,600,000 square meter/ year.

Established a 50/50 joint-venture TBMC with Toray to produce 6,170,000 square meter/year (160,000 pieces/year) reverse osmosis membrane.

The products are applied in nuclear power, electric power, coal chemical, petrochemical, iron and steel, municipal engineering, electronics, people's livelihood and other industries, and provides the customers in the corresponding fields with water desalination, reclaimed water reuse, zero discharge of wastewater, water purification and other engineering services
Chemical Cleaning Products
The cleaning business is in the leading position in the industry, with the largest size, the most complete technical categories and most advanced equipment

Production capacity of automotive chemicals: 50,000 tons of non-freezing liquid per year, 30,000 tons of glass water per year. The products are widely used for anti-boiling, anti-freeze and cooling of the internal combustion engine of all kinds of cars, light trucks and other vehicles. Effectively remove the dirts, water marks and shellac on the surface of automobile windshield; Widely used for surface degreasing and rust-preventing of a variety of metal materials and plastic, ceramic tile and other materials